purecaffeine.com is a design, business and photography blog by UX designer Nathanael Coyne (Boehm).

I am currently employed as a Senior UX Designer at Technocrat. All views expressed on this website and on my social media accounts are my own. I'm always up for a chat so feel free to email me at nat@purecaffeine.com or call or text me on 0431 698 580.

I'm interested in photography and geocaching, love reading, have previously organised BarCamp and TEDx events and contribute to OpenStreetMap. I was also involved with OpenAustralia.

Contour lines from GeoPDF topographic maps on Garmin GPS

While purchasing some paper topo maps from LPI NSW yesterday I decided to grab a GeoPDF as well and play around with it, see if I could extract data and get it onto my Garmin. I'd have been happy with raster tiles but I've now managed to quite …

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Professional recommendation

Nathanael is a very capable professional with a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills in the web usability space. His expertise extends to all areas of formal user centred design and his analytical skills and ability to problem solve by thinking outside of the box has always impressed me and all who have worked with him in our project team

— Martyn Yang, DEEWR

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