purecaffeine.com is a design, business and photography blog by Australian UX designer Nathanael Coyne (Boehm).

I am currently employed as a designer and product manager but always up for a chat so feel free to email me at nat@purecaffeine.com or call me on 0431 698 580,

I'm interested in photography and geocaching, love reading, have previously organised BarCamp and TEDx events and contribute to OpenStreetMap. I was also involved with OpenAustralia and now work with CKAN and Drupal powered open data platforms primarily for the public sector.

What does a UX designer actually do?

I had to write my own role description earlier this year so thought I'd share it to help other designers explore their value offering to their employer and clients, and for non-designers to gain a better understanding of the activities and objectives …

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Professional recommendation

Nathanael is a critical yet creative thinker. He can see the flaws in an argument but is also adept at uncovering opportunities for me to revisit how I have been thinking about a concept. Discussions with Nathanael almost always end up with a more customer focused result

— Mark Dunlop, Telogis

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