purecaffeine.com is a design, business and photography blog by Australian UX designer Nathanael (Boehm) Coyne.

I'm available for project-based contract work or employment from December 2014 so please call or SMS me on 0431 698 580 or email me at nat@purecaffeine.com

I'm into photography, geocaching, reading & learning and participating in BarCamp and TEDx events.

Questions Jason Fried asks when reviewing a design

I love lists, frameworks, design tools and creative thinking techniques and this Signal v. Noise blog post from 2011 has a comprehensive list of things to ask when critiquing and challenging design … not in order be an arse and block innovation but …

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Professional recommendation

Nathanael is a critical yet creative thinker. He can see the flaws in an argument but is also adept at uncovering opportunities for me to revisit how I have been thinking about a concept. Discussions with Nathanael almost always end up with a more customer focused result

— Mark Dunlop, Telogis

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