purecaffeine.com is a design, business and photography blog by Australian UX designer Nathanael Coyne (Boehm).

I'm currently employed as a designer and product manager at Link Digital so I'm not available for hire, but always happy to have a chat so feel free to email me at nat@purecaffeine.com.

I'm into photography and geocaching, love to read, have previously organised BarCamp and TEDx events and contribute to OpenStreetMap. I was also involved with OpenAustralia and now work with CKAN and Drupal powered open data platforms primarily for the public sector.

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No, that heading is no accident. I know because of the title I've chosen that fewer people will read this, and that's the point. Let's start with the Botanical Bookshop at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. One of my favourite …

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I worked closely with Nathanael on website design projects and found Nat to be innovative and great to work with. He was open to listen to ideas and work through any challenges as part of a team. I enjoyed my time working with Nat and would recommend him to any prospective employers

— Jamie Hamilton, LeftClick

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