purecaffeine.com is a design, business and photography blog by UX designer Nathanael Coyne (Boehm).

I am currently employed as a Senior UX Designer at Technocrat. All views expressed on this website and on my social media accounts are my own. I'm always up for a chat so feel free to email me at nat@purecaffeine.com or call or text me on 0431 698 580.

I'm interested in photography and geocaching, love reading, have previously organised BarCamp and TEDx events and contribute to OpenStreetMap. I was also involved with OpenAustralia.

When you have to throw out your backlog and start again

From Agile Product Management With Scrum (2010) by Roman Pichler: A requirements specification dressed up as a product backlog is like the devil in disguise: It looks neat, pretty, and perfect. It is tempting because it appeals to our old desire to …

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Nathanael possesses an astute view of the technology to human relationship, as well as having a very sound knowledge of how current web 2.0 technologies and developments can support improved business intelligence and operational practices

— Ben Winter-Giles

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