Banks Peninsula panorama

Taken from the bluff view on the Ōtepatotu Scenic Reserve loop walkway looking out over Akaroa Harbour. See if you can find the two hotspots in the interactive panorama you can click on to see photos taken from other angles of those parts of the … [Read more...]

After the Christchurch snow storm

Christchurch has been hit by a severe cold front the past 24 hours burying the city in snow. We've measured over five inches of snow in our backyard and the Port Hills are blanketed in white. We did get up to Sugar Loaf yesterday afternoon when there … [Read more...]

Mt Cook at winter

We went and stayed at Mt Cook Village for three nights for my 28th birthday last weekend. It wasn't too cold during the day when the sun was up, but at dawn or after the sun went behind the alps it got quite cold. The weather was amazingly clear … [Read more...]

Hooker Valley & Mueller Glacier panorama

Taken on the Hooker Valley Track between Mt Sefton on the left and Mt Wakefield on the right, alongside the Hooker River supplier by Mueller Glacier and Hooker Glacier. Half a dozen named glaciers run off Mt Cook/Aoraki into Hooker Glacier from the … [Read more...]

Mt Cook National Park panorama

Panorama taken of Sealy Range, Mt Sefton and the Mt Cook Range on our 8km return walk along the Hooker Valley Track on our 4-day weekend away for my 28th birthday. See a panorama of the Hooker Valley & Mueller Glacier further north. … [Read more...]

Mt Hutt Range panorama

Interactive panorama of Mount Hutt Range in New Zealand taken from the head of the Pudding Hill Stream Route. Stitched together from 11 photos. Click and drag around the panorama. There are also five hotspots on the panorama that you can click on … [Read more...]

Southern Alps panorama

Interactive panorama of the Southern Alps taken during our trip up to Mt Hutt today, stitched together from 12 photos. Click and drag around the panorama to view the snow-covered mountains. Also check out my Mt Hutt Range panorama. … [Read more...]

Strategy Safari book review

This book is essential reading for executives, managers, strategists, analysts and design thinkers. Strategy theory can be a dry topic but this book is easy to read with useful diagrams that help explain the different concepts. It offers an objective … [Read more...]