Don’t take away my eyes and ears

I’m not in the business of designing pretty websites.

I’m in the business of designing websites that get results, that meet business objectives, increase revenue, expand customer base, raise brand awareness and shift brand perception through experience.

Any talented graphic designer can sit in their basement and churn out a pretty website in a weekend, but making a website that works is much harder and cannot be done in isolation from business and marketing strategy and the current or prospective users and consumers of information, products or services.

Take away that source of knowledge and insight from a user experience designer and prevent them from engaging with stakeholders and the market, and you’ve effectively taken away their eyes and ears. They become producers, not designers.

I get work because I have a track history of obtaining results, results from projects where I’ve been given permission to talk to whoever I need to talk to to understand the business, history, direction and audience so that I can make intelligent and fully-informed design recommendations at a high level that guide user interface design.

At the end of the day, the UI design is the easy part … it really just falls out of all the groundwork done in understanding and documenting what the product needs to accomplish in order to succeed. You can measure against those requirements, test against those requirements, and engage in constructive high-level debates and discussions with stakeholders over those requirements rather than the placement and colour of buttons on a screen.

But at the end of the day it’s up to you, but I just ask that if you hired me on the basis of my performance and then choose to not permit me to do my best work then I ask that you don’t hold me responsible if your product flops.

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