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I’m not planning on starting up a regular blog post series of links like Nat or Russ or many others do, but I haven’t written any blog posts in several months and if you don’t follow me on Twitter than you’re missing out on a lot of cool stuff I’ve found and shared.

So this is a pick of some of the design- and UX-related articles and resources I’ve found interesting or useful in recent times. Actually, I share quite a lot of content so all these are just hand-picked from the last few weeks since the start of the year.

I hope you enjoy these 30 tools and articles:

UX Job Title Generator – Because we all deserve a good poke over the ridiculous job title sprawl.

Cue – a public domain set of gestural icons that are not as awkward as the usual realistic hand icons typically used. Great for UI specifications where you need to indicate swipe, tap, pinch zoom etc.

The Disciplines of User Experience Design – A nice diagram that again illustrates the futility of calling yourself a “UX designer” (as I still insist on doing)

Interaction Design Foundation – Some really good quality education material here.

4 reasons your UX investment isn’t paying off – UX is evidence-based, methodical and results-oriented. If it doesn’t work, it wasn’t really UX.

Empty States – A great collection of app and website “empty states” when there is no content to display, no contacts or friends etc. Don’t serve users a boring blank slab of white.

How to build user confidence in your UI – 101 stuff for UX designers, but sometimes we get lost.

Definition of Design Thinking – A nice short article that defines the umbrella that UX comes under. Indeed UX designers are often in the best position to be consulting on design thinking as well.

Assumptions about mobile to reconsider – Some mind-blowing stats here about the number of car purchases made via mobile and then amount of mobile Facebook usage.

8 tips for designing Windows Phone apps – I haven’t had the opportunity to design for Windows Phone yet let alone play with one, so this is a nice intro.

95 inspiring websites of web design agencies – Some good stuff here, some horridly unusable stuff here, but all designs to inspire or help you figure out what you don’t want to mimic.

35 beautiful landing page design examples to drool over – Again, I want effective not necessarily beautiful, but take what is useful for you and discard the rest.

When UX research begins, become the voice of reason – Because all facets of business could benefit from a bit more evidence-based decision making, more customer insight, and less making shit up.

Challenge to redesign the patient health record – Some fantastic work here; no one designer or agency could think up all the elements that each design explores and many of these do one thing well.

4 types of customer interaction to plan for – Something for the service designers.

Rethinking how we interact with technology using voice, touch and gestures – The length title says it all.

The cost of frustration – There is a dollar figure attached to frustration and friction. Usability is not the icing on the cake; it’s your bread and butter.

Interactive Guide to Blog Typography – Cool education tool for not just explaining but demonstrating how different layout, line height, font size and other configurations can increase legibility and reduce fatigue. UX designers might not specify the typography for a product but they need to be able to evaluate and test it.

The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational – Apply this to yourself as well as stakeholders, customers and users.

Headings: Who needs ’em? – A good question to ask!

Collaboration, and the elephant that sat on it – A comic I’m sure many of us can relate to.

Design Jargon Bullshit – If I catch you saying or typing any of this stuff …

The case for behavioural strategy – Another article pointing at your own biases.

The Shape of Design – Love this book from Frank Chimero; it puts the art back into design.

Hunie – A Co.Design blog post about this great design critiquing site that I’ve been involved in the alpha testing of.

Hobgoblins and UX unicorns: 2012 in review – You kinda just have to read it.

Design process kills creativity / Design process creates creativity – Love a good paradox.

Myki: disaster from touch on to touch off – A scathing article on Melbourne’s public transport ticketing system. You never want to see a product or service you’re involved with wind up a debacle like this.

The brainstorming process is BS, but can we rework it? – We all kinda knew that already, but for those who still suffer the traditional brainstorm format then how about you shake it up.

10 experience-enhancing tips for iOS app success – So fundamental it’s not funny, but if you’re just getting started in mobile design then this is a good checklist to get your head around.

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