Trying to get info on ACT Road Rules

Or When Knowledge Bases Inevitably Go Bad.

I wanted to look up the ACT road rules to check what I thought was a new rule that came in last year about having to stay in your lane when going around corners on multi-lane roads rather than drifting across while cars are trying to merge.

If you’re curious what I’m talking about I’ll have to draw you a diagram because so far I’ve been unable to find information on it.

Anyway, so I started with the government one-stop-shop portal for the ACT, Access Canberra.

Access Canberra website Transport section

I started with Roads but that had articles on road closures, weighbridges, reporting road damage, and bus service accreditation.

So I went back and tried Safety & Rules:

Access Canberra knowledge articles

Ah there we go, ACT road rules:

Access Canberra cycling section

Hmm, Cycling section? Well, road rules are road rules … but what’s this about mobile phones? Did it link me in too deep? No, I guess that’s a frequently-asked question or something they’re promoting at the moment.

Well, there’s a link there to ACT road rules so let’s keep following the scent.

Ah great, is that seriously the best you can do, send me to view the actual legislation?


Guess I’ll give Google a go … and found what I was looking for, titled the ACT Road Rules Handbook [PDF]

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