Alaska 2014, first photos

I gave up processing photos from our trip to Alaska last year because my computer was so slow that I could only have Photoshop or Canon DPP open at a time, and forget Photomatix Pro or Google Chrome. It was painful.

But now I have a new computer with lots of megacycles and rambytes or whatever and am now getting back into processing them.

The photos here are from ones I’ve processed several months ago; I was experimenting with an alternative to watermarking, but it’s quite a bit of effort and I’ve since abandoned it.

The bald eagles are really cool, and there were so many! Well, at least compared to how many raptors we see here in inland Australia.

This is a bald eagle near Valdez:

Bald eagle

Spectacular mountains near Columbia Glacier seen from the ferry as we headed out of Valdez:

Near Columbia Glacier

Icebergs out on the lake at the end of Valdez Glacier:

Ice cave

High above Ptarmigan Valley in pursuit of a geocache, which I couldn’t find:

Ptarmigan Creek valley

Inside an iceberg!

Ice cave

Sheep Mountain, opposite Matanuska Glacier:

Sheep Mountain

Thompson Pass, above Valdez:

Thompson Pass, Alaska

Matanuska Glacier:

Matanuska's snout

My next blog post of Alaska will feature more wildlife! Grizzly brown bears, moose, caribou, Dall sheep and more.

View more photos on Flickr.

One more; crazy patterns in glacial silt below Matanuska Glacier:

Glacial mud, Matanuska Glacier

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