Off to Norway

We’re getting married and going on our honeymoon to Norway next week.

The plan is to travel from Oslo straight to Narvik and across to Abisko National Park just over the border in Sweden and camp there a few days hoping to catch the aurora.

We’ve allowed up to three days for that, so depending on how much time we have left we’ll decide the rest of the itinerary but at this stage the plan is then to head west across the Lofoten islands to the end and catch the ferry back to the mainland.

We’ll then head south back to Trondheim and follow the fjords as far south as Sogdnal then back inland and across into Oslo.

The holiday is about three-and-a-half weeks long including flights there and back, and the route in Norway is about 3,800 km including ferries.

Download the KMZ of the route which you can view in Google Earth (screenshot below)

This link to Google Maps should also work although it’ll take a little while to load as it recalculates the entire route every time.

Norway honeymoon route v2.2

Image Landsat; Image IBCAO; Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO.

I’ve also got about 1,200 geocaches loaded into my Garmin eTrex 30 although I’ll be happy if I’m allowed to find a dozen or so of them!

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