Panorama stitching in PTGui

I’ve never been a fan of panoramas until I decided to try PTGui and now that I know how easy and awesome it is I’m hooked!

Here’s a panorama I took up on Sugarloaf in the Port Hills this afternoon, looking from Dyers Pass across to Christchurch taking in about a 180 degree view.

Five photos taken landscape orientation with fixed exposure and focus, hand-held (gave up trying to level the tripod) using a 24mm wide angle lens equivalent to 38mm with cropped sensor DSLR.

Port Hills panorama frame strip

It’s not as simple as just cramming all the individual photos together – it requires complex maths and blending to match the photos up seamlessly.

I’ve since updated the panorama to be an interactive Flash widget using Pano2VR. It’s not a full 360-panorama, just 202 degrees.

View on flickr

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