Tenzing the stalker kitten

I co-hosted a party this evening with my friend Rae Buerckner and took 56 photos … all of her kitten, Tenzing. Cute little thing, very friendly and playful. He took a liking to our border collie and stalked her around the house while Misty did the wombat thing and buried her head in the laundry trying to ignore the cat:

Tenzing the kitten watching Misty our border collie.

A few times Tenzing even snuck up behind Misty and pawed her, just trying to say hi and play with “the big black furry thing”:

Tenzing the kitten sneaking up behind our border collie Misty.

When Misty was in the kitchen, Tenzing would watch from just outside the door:

Tenzing the kitten just sitting, watching.

I tried to use flash unsuccessfully, so all these photos taken with available room lighting with my Canon 50mm f/1.4 on ISO 400 at around 1/40th of a second in RAW and bumped up +1 EV in RAW processing, adjusted to 3,500K then auto-levelled and backed off a bit in Photoshop. My poor, ageing 400D doesn’t cope well with grain. Pretty hard photographing animals playing, especially in that light and with such slow shutter speeds.

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