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In September this year I was married to my wonderful partner of five years, and for our honeymoon we went to Norway and drove a hire campervan 5,460km from Oslo through Sogndal up past Tromsø via Moskenes and back via Røros.

Unfortunately I thought it would be sufficient to load up my Garmin GPS with an OpenStreetMap gmapsupp.img of Norway. It looked good enough and even had contour vectors but alas it seemed to be missing a lot of data; mostly hiking trails.

This wasn’t too great an issue as we didn’t have any time to go hiking, but it would have come in handy for geocaching and the few short walks we did do.

I did have a few online rants about the lack of OSM mapping activity while over there. As it turned out, Norwegian OSM’ers are pretty active and I was basing my observations on an incomplete dataset. Apologies!

There are several online services you can use for viewing Norwegian topo data and aerial photography: has both topo and satellite but the main nice feature is the summer and winter trails overlays. You’ll notice that many of the winter trails go over the top of frozen lakes.

To view cached Kartverket map tiles in JOSM and in Preferences under Imagery Providers (the WMS TMS icon) add a TMS entry with the following URL:{zoom}&x={x}&y={y}

There are 16 other layers you can choose from, though a few are very similar and some of them will be of no use to you. You can view all the available layers and examples on the WMTS GetCapabilities page; you can also read more about their caching service and other protocols.

My current favourite Norwegian mapping service is which as you can guess from the URL is a beta version.

It has a selection of drawing and analysis tools including elevation profile (GPX upload, drawn on map and linestring coords) with a live-updating URL that includes map type, coordinates and zoom level plus search query if used.

Kartverket Norgeskart beta

Kartverket Norgeskart beta

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  1. In the OpenStreetMap editor (iD) I could not make the overlay work when using “toporaster2”. Had to use “toporaster3”. So the complete URL for that purpose would be{z}&x={x}&y={y}.

    Additional layers that I tested and that works:{z}&x={x}&y={y}{z}&x={x}&y={y}{z}&x={x}&y={y}

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