Twin Peak, Tinderry Nature Reserve

I’d been postponing doing this hike for a few weeks, so even though the forecast was a bit miserable I headed out anyway, though with a few more precautions in case I ran into strife given my level of ability and fitness.

My trip was based on John Evans’ 2006 group walk to Twin Peak parking at the Mt Allen Fire Trail gate about 6km north of the Burra Road – Tinderry Road intersection outside Michelago.

The Mt Allen Fire Trail was rather arduous with sections of 30% grade. John’s group did the 3km leg in just 45 minutes. It took me a lot longer, nearly 2.5 hours.

I’ve made an interactive tour of my hike in Doarama beta. It’s a pretty cool web app where you can upload a GPX file from your GPS and create an interactive annotated view of your activity (the examples on their site include paragliding and skiing).

The Google Earth plot below shows the Mt Allen Fire Trail and West Tinderry Fire Trail in cyan, and the off-track section in red:

Tinderry walk on Google Earth

Close-up of the off-track section of the hike:

Tinderry walk on Google Earth

I failed to reach the peak as I had insufficient time and navigating the scrub was too difficult.

In addition to the drizzle that made all the logs and rocks slippery, and the zero degrees wind chill when the low cloud came in, there was also a lot of windfall. It had been a windy morning, but I think much this damage had been done a week or more earlier given the yellowing of the leaves:


Looking down the valley towards Michelago … which obviously you can’t see through the low cloud:

Granite rocks

Granite rocks

Wind chill dropped to zero degrees on the exposed rocky slopes when the cloud dropped:

Clouded in

A bit of a peek of Twin Peak through the forest from below:

Tinderry Twin Peak

Was sad to see how much destruction was being done by wild pigs, and I even startled one about five metres from me – must’ve been napping under a bush and went squealing off into the forest.

Damn pigs

About 700 metres short of Tinderry Twin Peak I gave up trying to reach the summit; I just couldn’t navigate through this and ran out of time:

The way is shut

Got dark as I started heading back down the Mt Allen Fire Trail. It wasn’t much faster going down, thanks to the grade. Took just over one hour and I only nearly fell on my arse once.

Getting dark

Download KML of my hike up to Tinderry Twin Peak.

View Tinderry Nature Reserve on OpenStreetMap.

This dog followed me for much of the walk and wouldn’t be dissuaded by me telling it to bugger off home! Though eventually I think she gave up and left me:


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